Quick and quirky canapés

Our decadent paté range is great to use for topping canapés, whether you’re looking for a simple idea or something to deliver a real wow we hope that our ideas give you some valuable inspiration.

For a simple yet elegant canapé cut small rounds from slices of dark rye bread before topping with roast salmon pate, half a cucumber slice, a tiny sprig of dill and a shred of lemon rind.


Our duck, chicken and venison patés look and taste wonderful served on a mini oatcake with a little fruit purée or chutney, a tiny sprig of parsley or shred of citrus rind finishes these simple canapés off perfectly.


For a canapé that is sure to impress fill ready-made mini cones with pate and decorate with a simple garnish.  Our favourite combinations are chicken liver pate decorated with a tiny sprig of thyme, roast salmon pate topped with a little salmon roe and  stilton and pear pate topped with a pomegranate aril and a chive ‘99’.


Pastry spoons are another quirky canapé carrier that we like to use when we’re out to impress, they look fabulous topped with roast salmon pate, a small twist of smoked salmon and a little mint sprig.


Quick tips: All of the canapés look most elegant when the pate is piped using a disposable piping bag (rather than scooped straight from the pot).  The rich, soft texture of Findlater’s pate makes piping easy.  If you don’t have piping bags you can try cutting a corner from a small freezer bag instead.  Always start small with your piping hole and test – it’s easy to cut it larger but impossible to go back if you’re overly enthusiastic with the scissors!

Pastry spoons are available in some supermarkets and it’s easy to fashion mini cones by simply chopping the bottom off wafer ice cream cones. To display the cones try part-filling pretty wine glasses or tumblers with rock salt and prop a few filled cones in each.

If you’re making a lot of canapés then it’s worth taking into account that mini cones and pastry spoons are now easy to find if you search online, they’re usually sold under the Pidy brand.